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Dog Behaviour Cases

Before my visit, I ask for a behaviour questionnaire to be completed so that I can get a full understanding of your dog’s behavioural problems and history. I will visit you and your dog in your own home so that I can observe him in his own environment. The visit will usually last for 2 to 3 hours. If I need to see how your dog reacts to a specific set of circumstances, we may need to take your dog to the situation in which the problem occurs. During my behaviour visits, one of the most important things I feel is for a family and their dog to be relaxed and happy living together. Dogs are obviously their own species and this is why it is crucial for me to educate you, the owner, on how to behave and interact with them. Your dog needs to express as much of his natural behaviour as possible to enable him to feel content and happy so that he can fit in with your family.

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I do not practice any ‘old fashioned’ dominance reduction programs or use punishment based techniques including choke chains or other ‘quick fix’ gadgets which claim miracles but very seldom bring the results you were hoping for. All of my methods are reward-based and most of my work involves giving you, the owner, the knowledge you need to improve your dog’s behaviour and have a better understanding of your dogs particular problem(s).

After the Visit.

There is a lot to take in during a consultation so after my visit, I supply you with written notes to help you with your dog’s specific problems. Everything you need to know is usually covered in my visit and I will regularly contact you to see how you are getting on and offer further advice as required. You may telephone me at any time if you have further questions after your visit. Occasionally I will need to write a letter to your vet to ask them to prescribe medication that can help your dog.

Each case I see is treated individually and my advice is tailor made to your dog, family and your particular situation but you can get a feel for some of my visits and positive reinforcement techniques on the pages listed below.

Some examples of typical behaviour consultations:

If you would like to enquire about a behaviour consultation, please see the contact me page to get in touch.